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do you ever just finish a book or tv show and thenimage

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Saw 2 last night. Way better than one

Idk why but I just feel so down today. Like fuck man I literally don’t want to deal with anyone. My motivation to do the simplest tasks is no where to be found. All up beat music is almost disgusting to me. I feel like if is homesickness but all I am and have always been is sick of home. I mean I just thought about when I went home I didn’t visit my friends grave who was killed when I was here in Guam. I didn’t see my little sister and the man I consider to be my father. Those thoughts drifted into my head as I was already in this mood. Now I’m so much worse. I know what I’m doing with my life but don’t at the same time. Thinking about it this feeling I have isn’t feeling down it is feeling scared but wtf scared me? I just woke up scared? I continue to be scared as the day progresses? Fuck I just need to get out of it… .